Inspired and demanding, Philippe Hiély lovesto marry refined products and local products with fineness and elegance, delight all gourmets.

Muslin of St Jacques and mango vinaigrette, Bonito fillet with ginger, julienne and beetroot juice. Sea bream fillets with ink and fennel gratin, The famous beef stew in Avignon, Pot au feu with anise, Blanquette of veal with tarragon...

Simple and delicious dishes to consume without moderation, accompanied by fine selection of wines. And for the sweet tooth, a menu of homemade desserts to not knowing which to choose..

Maison HIÉLY - 17, Rue Racine - 84000 AVIGNON - France - Tél.: + - Fax.: + - contact@la-fourchette.net
Closed on Saturday and Sunday